It’s time for a business turnaround! Business & society must have one common goal: progress.

To restore social balance. To preserve our environment. To safeguard the richness of our cultures.

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Many business strategies have a short-term focus on growth and maximising profits. How can these patterns be transformed into a win-win situation for business and society?

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Follow our path and our ideas to achieve business & societal renewal. For good.

7. May 2019

Most efficient thinktank ‘cost free’: how does that work?

Many companies try to keep their momentum investing in outsourced thinktanks, enabling spin offs or having an eye on start-ups who could bring value into their own model. Is this worth the efforts and costs? Their focus is rather concentric than systemic. Does it make sense? Companies miss perhaps one important point which is imbedded into the societal ecosystem.

7. February 2019

Societal investments increase profit and reputation of business

The majority of business people consider money spent on cultural, social or environmental purposes as a kind of charitable program. WHY? We could answer with a question: would you believe in the link between investment in the societal good and a measurable return on investment (ROI) for the company involved?

18. December 2018

L’engagement sociétal des entreprises: une solution pour réduire la dette publique et oeuvrer pour le bien commun

Lettre ouverte au Président de la Répulique Française, Emmanuel Macron.
Une solution pour rétablir l’équilibre entre finance, Administration publique, économie et société est la défiscalisation de l’investissement sociétal de l’entreprise.