CSRD, ecological transition, CO2 emissions... Your company is now required to meet performance criteria that go beyond mere economic results.

Customers, investors, employees, public authorities: they all demand social commitments... and results. But in practical terms, how can you create a positive impact on society while increasing the performance of your organisation ?

A new business model

Our expertise? Creating tailor-made partnerships between businesses and not-for-profit organisations (NPOs).

At SocietyVision, we are convinced that it is possible to reconcile economic performance with the public interest. Our win-win model brings together companies and NPOs to work on projects of general interest. In all areas: education, culture, inclusion, housing, health, biodiversity, agriculture, water, renewable energy, circular economy, and more. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!


A win-win cooperation model, with quantified benefits.

• Connecting of a company and a corresponding not-for-profit organisation (NPO) • Respect for the independence of both parties • Long-term dialogue between the NPO and the company within an integrated ideas laboratory, at no extra cost • Greater social impact for the company, which makes a commitment to an area of general interest • Greater societal impact for the NPO, thanks to long-term work financed by the company.

Examples from the field and meta-analyses show that long-term cooperation between companies and NPOs creates performance at all levels: economic, social and environmental.
The SocietyVision method increases...
- Long-term reputation and innovation: +5% sales growth
- Team motivation : - 3% reduction in costs
- Profitability: up to +20% profit
- Social impact of NPOs: +9%


Understanding our business model.

Take a look at the genesis of SocietyVison and a simple and short explanation of the objectives and concept.


Follow our path and our ideas to achieve business & societal renewal. For good.

12. January 2024

Impact Before Profit: SocietyVision Unfolds Its Purpose

— By Hugues Chatelain, President and Founder — How profoundly is your business influencing society? During my 30-year working with major groups, it became increasingly clear to me that the future of all companies would depend on this very question. It is reality. We now are living in an era when companies need to broaden […]

9. October 2023

A Devastating Critique of our Profit-Driven System

©Hugues Chatelain – SocietyVision CHE-378.733.097

12. December 2022

Business, art and society: SocietyVision and the Accademia Dimitri at the ELIA biennial

SocietyVision shows at the ELIA Biennial in Helsinki what can be achieved by linking business, society and art. The association’s collaboration with the Dimitri Art School demonstrates the benefit of art to society: academic art used as an instrument to transform society. From 23 to 26 November 2022, Helsinki is hosting the 17th ELIA (European […]