A proven solution that transforms business and society.

To reconnect a company to society, we study its needs and then partner it with the most appropriate NPO (non-profit organisation) within a unique cooperative structure.

Four solutions to questions in four different areas:

Our method is deployed in 3 steps.


We analyse.

A full assessment of the needs and prospects of the company and the NPO.

  1. Comprehensive study of needs: operational, financial, social, and more.
  2. Development of a strategy based on a dual vision (performance/social impact) and a number of scenarios
  3. Estimation of the quantified benefits of company-NPO cooperation


We integrate

Setting up a unique cooperation framework between the company and the NPO.

  1. Selection of the best NPOs to match the needs of businesses, and vice versa.
  2. Creation of a tailor-made cooperation framework (legal form, financing, governance, other aspects).
  3. Integration of a team-based structure linking the two organisations.


We bring to life.

Operational monitoring and promotion of cooperation between the company and NPO.

  1. Initiating, launching and monitoring the project until the target is reached
  2. Creation of an integrated laboratory for sharing the cultures and skills of the two organisations, at all levels of the hierarchy
  3. Monitoring the effectiveness of the cooperation, using a dashboard
  4. Development of internal and external communication (customers, employees, shareholders, public bodies).

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