Cooperation with the Dimitri-World in Verscio (CH-Tessin)

1. September 2018

Would that make sense to bring business and culture closer? If we look at the vision of the Dimitri World, we can easily state that culture is at the forefront of society transformation. The strong will of the Dimitri foundation is to shape a new long-term cooperation with a business partner. Society.Vision builds with the Dimitri World team the frame of the new organisation setup that will be housing a business for a strong and long partnership.

“We’re going our path to further increase our impact on society. Our aim is to bring culture and the economy closer together. To this end we’ve chosen to build a new societal model with Society.Vision. The Dimitri-World partnering with a business for a long-term collaboration: this is what we want to achieve”. David Dimitri, Artist and President of the Foundation Dimitri.

Society.Vision defined a new business and societal model. A Non-Profit-Organization (NPO) and a business can benefit from each other when they work together.’s business model is suitable for this. The Dimitri-World and the business will be brought together in a new format and bridges will be established between the two organisations. This is how the synapses of the two organisations communicate; this promotes know-how development, creativity, efficiency and economic improvements.

The company finances the Dimitri-world and increases de facto its footprint within and for the society. Every employee is aware that a part of its own value is directly reinvested into the society, through the Dimtri-World’s mission and its increased dedication to it. The customer also is aware of his impact for the good when he buys products and services of the partnering company. The involvement of the business into the society is anchored in its DNA.

The bridges built between the Dimitri-World and the business – for example a sustainability committee, a financing committee, an expert committee or innovation / incubation farms, program development meetings… – will favour the exchange of views and know-how between the two organisations. This broadens the perspectives an eases the innovation process, which is definitely a key for success. There are two very different worlds performing together but still being independent.

“We fascinate, stimulate laughs, smiles and boost feelings of the spectators. What we do at partnering company side is to free the teams and the management to simply create their dreams and release a lot of energy to make things exceptional happen”. This is one aspect of the strength of a strong partnership. On the other side, as President of the foundation, as Board member of the Accademia and as small business entrepreneurs David & Masha Dimtri and all employees of the Dimitri-world can give a different blinking angle on the highest floor of the partnering business. They’ll be guarantor of greater sustainable and social impacts. They’ll convey a lot of positive energy within the business. They see themselves as fellow thinkers who bring another facet that can be very useful. “We feel our “customers” – it’s our audience – when we are on stage. You can’t be that close. We cannot afford à-peu-près, it would be dangerous or the performance would not be at the appropriate level to be sustainable. And we feel this immediately and directly. We can convey that’’.

The forecasted cooperation is on its way; follow us to get informed on the latest progress.

Society.Vision’s business model and approach is one key to take the win-win-win benefits of investing into society. There are big wins for society, for employees and for business.

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