It’s time for a business turnaround! Business & society must have one common goal: progress.

To restore social balance. To preserve our environment. To safeguard the richness of our cultures.

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Many business strategies have a short-term focus on growth and maximising profits. How can these patterns be transformed into a win-win situation for business and society?

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SocietyVision implements a new business model and advise on business and societal transformation.




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Follow our path and our ideas to achieve business & societal renewal. For good.

9. October 2023

A Devastating Critique of our Profit-Driven System

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12. December 2022

Business, art and society: SocietyVision and the Accademia Dimitri at the ELIA biennial

SocietyVision shows at the ELIA Biennial in Helsinki what can be achieved by linking business, society and art. The association’s collaboration with the Dimitri Art School demonstrates the benefit of art to society: academic art used as an instrument to transform society. From 23 to 26 November 2022, Helsinki is hosting the 17th ELIA (European […]

13. May 2021

A Success Story : When a Company Teams up with an Artistic Movement !

When two environments benefit from eachother with a common goal: to improve their impact on society. This is the story of a partnership between Euromaster Suisse SA & Accademia Dimitri (university affiliated to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland). What happpens when a company decides to avoid using mainstream marketing tools […]