SocietyVision is a non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming businesses and creating societal impact.

Hugues Chatelain | Urs Keller | Daniel Rolla
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The people behind SocietyVision are a business executive, an architect, an entrepreneur, and a firm conviction: the most successful organisations will be those that are most committed to society ? Contact us !

Hugues Chatelain, Founder & President (

From Paris to Berne, via Vienna, The Hague, Frankfurt and Zurich, Hugues has 30 years' experience in strategic positions: general management, services, sales and marketing. At Renault, Nikon Europe, Fiat Chrysler, Audi and most recently as Managing Director of Euromaster Switzerland, he has learned that "a company's social impact also contributes to its economic success".
To share this conviction, in 2014 he published the book "Penser autrement: l'entreprise, la société et le capitalisme durable". Then, in 2018, he developed the SocietyVision method, based on projects with Raiffeisen Wagrain- Kleinarl in Austria ( affordable housing) and the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (SUPSI) in Switzerland (physical theater).
"As a senior executive, social entrepreneur and founder of SocietyVision, I am convinced that the key differentiating factor for companies is their ability to create a positive impact on society".
That's why Hugues helps companies and NPOs to co-develop social, cultural and environmental projects. With success: "The SocietyVision method," he notes, "increases motivation, innovation, reputation and profitability for companies while creating a measurable positive impact on society".

Urs Keller, Vice President (

Architect graduated from DESA, SIA, REG A, was born in Zurich. After completing his training as a certified building draftsman under Ernst Gisel (Zurich), he studied at the École Spéciale d'Architecture (Paris) and the California State Polytechnic University in Los Angeles. He was inspired by Eric Owen Moss (Los Angeles) as well as Carme Pinos and Paul Virilio (Paris). He gained professional experience in renowned offices in Paris, including Marc Mimram, Christian Biecher, and Brullmann & Crochon assoc.
In 2006, he founded eh-k architekten, and in 2021, avantrace architekten gmbh. Active in international professional associations, he is committed to promoting exchange between cultural and linguistic regions. Urs Keller lives in Zurich, is married, and a father of one son.

Daniel Rolla, Vice President (

In 1995, while working as a human resources specialist at Disney, Daniel first came into contact with interim management. He was immediately drawn to the concept. After holding various professional positions in France, England, and Germany, he decided to return to his home country, Switzerland, in 2009. It was there that he created an innovative and fully remote company: Swiss Interim Management. When asked about the secret to SIM's success, he smiles and says, "Motivated employees!" In his private life, he manages his own organic farm. Whether it's milking cows or planting potatoes, Daniel knows all about agriculture. With his knowledge, he also supports the humanitarian work of the Swiss NGO Sénégalité.


The SocietyVision method is based on 8 principles developed by Hugues Chatelain in his book "Penser autrement : l'entreprise, la société & et le capitalisme durable"


Corporate social responsibility (CSR), ecological transition, CSRD... Your company is now required to meet performance criteria that go beyond mere economic results.

Customers, investors, employees, public authorities: they all demand social commitments... and results. But in practical terms, how can you create a positive impact on society while increasing the performance of your organisation ?

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