How to implement a unique business model to transform business & society?

Business & NPO management are oriented towards how to implement a new organisation at the root of employee motivation and corporate reputation and how to create a real thinktank at the source of innovation.

Four solutions to questions in four different areas:


How to take the benefit of societal engagement to boost your business and create a major positive impact on employees and society?


How to eradicate fundraising stress and uncertainty enabling you to focus 100% on your societal mission?


How to enrich your education program to favour societal thinking for current and future managers and entrepreneurs?

Public sector

How to actively support and accompany enterprises and organisations to develop positive societal impact?

SocietyVision’s services encompass the following process:



The business and NPO undergo comprehensive analysis and the change management process begins.

  1. Definition of the company’s dual vision as well as scenarios and strategies: [Stakeholder needs analysis,
  2. Integration SDGs (Gapframe) clear social vision, decision-making scenarios]
  3. Evaluation of the financial potential/need for Business/NPO cooperation: [Framework conditions for cooperation opportunities]



The conditions for the cooperation between the business and the NPO are established and a suitable own structure is created.

  1. Definition of the target profile of the Business/NPO, search and selection: [Shortlist of adequate associations/NPOs, foundation options & decision-making]
  2. Design of cooperation between businesses & NPOs: [LOI, legal form, financial & cost structure of the cooperation, and validation]
  3. GO for the implementation : [Legal formalisation & roadmap]



Cooperation between Business and NPO is strengthened by an exchange of know-how at management level and at all levels.

  1. Definition of the new format, management bodies and principles: [Validated macro view of the new organisation and the governance code]
  2. Development of competencies, functions and processes: [Framework conditions for the implementation of methods, technical and social competencies]
  3. Setup of the integrated structure NPO/company: [Effective structure and functions, evaluation process for further development]
  4. Development of internal & external communications: [Internal and external communication strategy, plan and content.
  5. Dialogue with Stakeholders]
  6. Change management process for cultural integration:[Anchoring societal matters into the business culture and business matters into the NPO culture]
  7. Follow-up & guarantee organisation’ s efficiency: [KPI dashboard of the new structure and optimisation measures]